How It Works

1) Read the Eligibility Requirements to determine if your dog is eligible for consideration.

2) Complete the Application for Funds and submit, along with a photo of your dog, either by mail, or on-line. If you submit your information on-line, please print out the final page of the application, sign where indicated, and either mail in, or scan and e-mail to

3) Once your application is received, a Cause For Paws representative will contact you.

Download Application For Funds

General Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Animal must reside in Southern California.
  • Animal must have an official diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Animal must be in need of medical/surgical or training intervention which the dog’s guardian cannot provide due to lack of funding options. Intervention must be over and above routine care (defined as vaccinations, basic obedience, spay/neuter, shelter).
  • Funding is determined by need and total cost of intervention, and verification of such through communication with treating veterinarian.
  • Animal must be spayed/neutered prior to receiving funds, or provide written documentation from the treating veterinarian and guardian that health doesn’t permit, but the dog will be spayed/neutered as soon as his/her health permits.
  • Applicant must provide a photo of the pet, and agree to allow Cause for Paws to use photo and follow-up information on the Cause Fur Paws web site.
  • Please note that Cause for Paws funding policies require that your Animal have an official diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian. Cause for Paws cannot, at this time, cover costs involved in symptom diagnosis.
  • Please note that all approved funds will be disbursed directly to the treating veterinarian, trainer, or other provider.
  • Cause for Paws verifies all information with the treating veterinarian or other provider, including proposed treatment, prognosis, cost, and availability of payment options. By clicking on this link, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to Cause for Paws eligibility guidelines and grant permission to Cause for Paws to contact the treating veterinarian/provider to discuss your case.

Cause for Paws reserves the right to publish (without compensation) all animal related information its directors or members receive on the Cause fur Paws web site, in digital format and in official Cause for Paws printed materials. This information will include, but is not limited to: dog name, sex and color, medical conditions and health status, and all electronic and hard copy photos submitted to Cause for Paws and it representatives.